Through poems that move between the two languages, McIlwraith explores the beauty of the intersection between nêhiyawêwin, the Plains Cree language, and English, âkayâsîmowin. Written to honour her father’s facility in nêhiyawêwin and her mother’s beauty and generosity as an inheritor of Cree, Ojibwe, Scottish, and English, kiyâm articulates a powerful yearning for family, history, peace, and love.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
kiyam 1
Front Matter 2
Table of Contents 8
Foreword 10
The Sounds of Plains Cree: A Guide to Pronunciation 12
kiyâm 16
Family Poems 18
Reclamation Poems 56
A Few Ideas from amiskwacî-wâskahikanihk 86
History Poems 100
Notes on the Poems 136
Cree-English Correspondences 140
Bibliography 168
Publication Credits 172
Acknowledgements 174